The Primordial Great Maker, who is called Autochthon, lays dying in the Void beyond the World. Within his depths are the Eight Nations, home to millions of his faithful followers who struggle against the darkness of his failing systems with their ceaseless labors. His people have fallen under siege from his own wayward organs, rogue Machine Gods that devour the Makers flesh from within. Even the Eight Divine Ministers, who are his very Soul, have become distracted by internecine conflict and pit their own electric dreams against each other.

Amid the flickering lights and slowing gears of this troubled place stand the Maker’s Champions. Their steam driven limbs do not tire and their clockwork hearts need no winding, but the Void does not sleep and even the mighty Champions may fall sway to it’s discordant song. They face now the end of both their God and their World in one breath, but they are each possessed of the Souls of Autochton’s greatest Heroes and the unimaginable resources of the King of All Craftsmen.

Their story is far from finished;
Will you have a say in how it ends?

Failing Cogs